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What is Corwin's Pattern, you ask ? Well, it is the One True Realm, that of which all other sites are but a shadow. For now, you are yourself a shadow-creature, but to become a true Patternwalker, all you need to do is... Walk the Pattern ! If you become a Patternwalker and have a site of your own, I will add a link pointing towards it here on this very page, thus it shall emerge from the shadows, gaining substance and additional reality... In return, you will be given an HTML line to add to your own page, linking to the Patternwalker logo and to Corwin's Pattern. But you can become a Patternwalker even if you don't have a webpage. In this case, I will simply ask you to add a small line to your e-mail signature.


(in alphabetical order)

(Please note that I had to take 6 Patternwalkers off the list because they were not playing the game - no links on their page to Corwin's Pattern. I kept them on here long enough, but this is meant as a two-way thing, so I thought it was time for me to clean the list up a lil' and only keep the "real" Patternwalkers ;-)

Webless Patternwalkers

Walk the Pattern

It is very easy to Walk the Pattern. Simply send me an e-mail telling me how you found Corwin's Pattern and include the URL and name of your website. If you don't have one, tell me so and I'll send you the line you should add to your e-mail signature. And that's it ! *smile*

Credit where credit is due

Many thanks to : shadow-creatures and Patternwalkers have read these words...

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