Ah ! Computers... both a blessing and a curse. I have a love-and-hate relationship with computers. They can be useful and totally fascinating (as all new technological products are !)... when they're not plain irritating and/or annoying the hell out of you : crashes, data losses, more crashes, memory shortages, other crashes, speed problems, new crashes, having to keep up with the quick and constant evolution of computers, and... (guess what !)... still and always more crashes ! Sometimes you just feel like screaming... :-(

My first contact with a computer was in the early 80's. I got my own Apple IIe (an antiquity that I still have !) in 1983. I bought my first PC ten years later. I've also had a few opportunities of working on Mac's - but I always ran away screaming !!! :-o

I currently work on a PC Pentium with a Syrix chip.

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