The Crimson Crown

Lyrics : A. S. Garcia
Music : MichaŽl KolomÔets

Out in the fog the armies march, sounding like a billion men or more.
Shouts in the night make them watch every shadow upon the wall.
Crimson shades wither your pain as your fear grows every minute.
And in the haze, you feel the rain pouring upon your shoulders.

And now you blast my eyes with your shiny metal,
You capture my smile on a frozen saddle,
You make me cry like if I could never die,
And you take my soul where it can never be found.

Aside from this burning temptation, you persuade me to wear the Crown.
I fear the armies coming, but you say they can never take me down.
Oh how I wish I could tell you : "I don't care for all this power."
I never asked for all this - and now here I am, caught in this slaughter !

And every night I dream of an unseen land,
I dream a mighty kingdom at hand.
Every night I see a vision of light and day,
I hope one day to be free and the stars to guide my way.

Crimson Crown on my head,
Burns and scorches my bones...
Crimson Crown I wear,
Taking me so far from home...

All rights reserved
copyright © 1996
by Alexandre Garcia & MichaŽl KolomÔets
Music and lyrics protected by the S. N. A. C.

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