TV cars and magnet toys

Lyrics : A. S. Garcia
Music : MichaŽl KolomÔets

They say they know what people need today -
Or so they say.
But what people need is more time to play,
More time to buy things they don't have.

So they made more TV shows,
More cars and toys and magnet rolls
To calm the wave of maddened eyes
And keep the crowd alive.

They throw the money, they hide the lies,
They call for more fun tonight...
Say they have what the people need,
Say they have what the people want...
But I'm telling you here, all they have is...

More TV cars and magnet toys,
More info crimes for scandal boys,
More lawless fakes and broken hearts,
More fallen tears for shattered fears...
And all they have is
More illusions for naive children
More saddened words for mass persuasion,
More good impressions for hated sires,
More shredded tears for hidden fears
And so much more broken dreams... broken dreams...

All rights reserved
copyright © 1996
by Alexandre Garcia & MichaŽl KolomÔets
Music and lyrics protected by the S. N. A. C.

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