I, the Webaholic

Though you need computers to access the Internet, I'd rather consider it as a self entity. First, because it could also be included in the sci-fi field (SF writers having imagined the Net long before it was created ; and, it is also a symbol of the future) - or in any other of the fields I'm interested in. Or rather, all of them are included in the Internet, since you can find sites on the Web for all the topics you're interested in. Second, because through the WWW I've found new hobbies - and I'm not just talking about surfing and collecting tons of interesting trivia ! With time, I've become what one could call a netaholic.

At first, I was mostly a firefly addict. This is a chat site, where you can talk "live" with people from all over the world. In barely a few months, I made myself a whole bunch of friends there, mainly Americans because, obviously, they are the most common people you meet on the Web, and logically, on firefly as well. But then I slowly started to drift away from that place, while maintining contact with some of my friends. Now, I practically never go there anymore.

For a while, I got involved with telnet games - and more specifically AmberMUSH, which brings together three of my passions : Role Playing Games, the Internet and the Princes of Amber universe. What more could I ask for ? Unfortunately, time fought against me. Just as traditional RPG's, AmberMUSH takes up a tremendous amount of your time. Seeing as I had other priorities in life, I had to stop playing around with telnet...

Nowadays, I use the Internet mostly for e-mail and to work on my websites. I currently maintain six of them (with a few others in the works) :

In the past, I created and maintained the following - but I don't work on these anymore :

I am currently member of the following mailing-lists :

I should also add my own Icarus FR list, which is a private list reserved to the French contributors to the Icarus Encyclopedia. I am thinking of creating a similar list for the contributors to the English version of the site... but I need to do some major updates to the site before I can do that ! In the meantime, if you wish to help in this huge project, please feel free to e-mail me !

I use the following e-mail addresses :

I have a few more (notably with AOL), but seeing as I very rarely use or check them these days, I see no point in giving them here :-o

Also, please note that my old address (asg@imaginet.fr) still works. All mail send there is automatically forwarded to my GeoCities address. However, I do not know how long this will last, as I have cancelled my ImagiNet account some time ago. So please use one of the above rather than that old one if you need to contact me.

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