Why Corwin ?
Why Mandor ?

I discovered Roger Zelazny's books in the mid 80's and it was love at first read ! He instantly became my favorite writer and has been ever since.

In his long "Princes of Amber" series (10 books and a few short stories), the main character's name is Corwin (at least in the 5 first volumes). I always liked that name and the character. So it was only logical that I start using Corwin as my handle / username when I first started surfing the Web.

When I created this site at Tripod, I also wanted to use "Corwin" but, unfortunately, it turned out the name was already taken. So I then turned to my second favorite character & name in the Amber series : Mandor (in the 5 later books, the hero is Merlin, son of Corwin, and Mandor is one of Merlin's numerous uncles).

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