What I don't like

Racism : okay, let me be very clear on this : I cannot understand racism. It is intolerable. Why so much hate ? Since when does the color of skin determine the value of any given individual ? If I were black, would that make me a different man ? My thoughts, my gestures, my acts, my choices, would all be exactly the same... A man must not be judged by the color of his skin but by the valor of his soul. And we must never ever generalize. It is not because a black man once mugged you that you must conclude that all black men are thugs ! I'm sorry, but racism is one thing that I cannot, and will not, stand !

Techno : a form of "music" which I deeply resent. My use of "quotes" comes from the fact that I do not even consider this as music. It is noise, period. No creativity. Just a succession of sounds looped together ad infinitum. I say and maintain it : anyone can make techno music. Now I'm not saying it's easy, just that given the right equipment and some spare time, anybody can manage it. In short, you don't need talent ! In my own conception of the universe and all that's within it (*grin*), music is a form of art - the word "art" meaning creativity, reflexion, research, emotions, soul, etc... all these things which, IMHO, are completely absent in techno. This said, I thoroughly respect other people's tastes in music (no matter how bad they are ;-), just - please, have mercy - don't play any techno while I'm around !

Politics : hmmm... I don't wish to get into any details, for that alone would be talking politics - and this, I'd rather avoid at all cost ! Yes, that much...

Reality-shows : hateful, unspeakable and intolerable... If you consider the success of these shows, is it really so unconceivable that a scenario like Running man could one day become a reality ? The viewers seem to be asking for more and more violence and thrills... it is turning morbid and unhealthy. Lately, I've been seeing many ads for those "Banned from television" video tapes and it really makes me sick to think that people are making money by selling other people's death - and the worse part is that some people are actually buying that stuff. That's really very very sick.

Hypocrisy : it is everywhere, at the turn of every street, watching your every move... be careful... Why can't everyone just speak truthfully what's on his/her mind ? this would make life really so much simpler ! Yes, I know, I'm being utopian... *sigh*

Violence : I am very honestly frightened by the rise of violence and crime of all kinds. Progression is very quick. I can picture us at the dawn of the year 2000 with a scene such as the final of the movie Strange Days... Where is the world going ? And after that, you're still surprised that I'm into Science-Fiction ?

Gratuitous violence : if I don't like violence, I hate gratuitous violence even more. And here, of course, it is of movies that I am talking, where too often directors, writers, producers, etc. revel in striking us with scenes of violence without reason. I have nothing against action pics, as long as the violence contained is logical and explained by the context, the background, the script (when there is one at all !), etc... On a general notice, if a specific scene is not necessary to comprehend the storyline, then it is gratuitous.

Clichés : I've known better than to pick up a gun after someone has been murdered for years already... especially if you're not the killer ! So can we please stop showing film heroes who keep on making this very stupid mistake ? It doesn't make any sense anymore. It's quite ridiculous and irritating. And this is only one of several clichés which I cannot stand. I always try to avoid them when I write, but I must admit it is not always an easy task. But hey, who ever said writing was easy anyway ? ;-)

Sports : they don't mean much to me. Soccer : run after a ball ? I'm sorry, but I don't see the point. Body-building : I have neither the will nor the patience - and frankly, looking like Arnie has never been my goal in life ! Tennis : boring, sleep-inducing... At the very least, American football. Ah yes, I like playing pool a lot, as well as ping-pong and table football... but can we really call those sports ?

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