For the love of writing...

Writing flows through my veins, and always has... As far as I can remember, I've always yearned to be a writer. It's my reason to be. Writing and science-fiction are intricately entwined in my personal universe, for I cannot conceive one without the other. To me, both go together. Hmm ? What's that ? What kind of stories do I write ??? Aaarrrggghh... :-)

I think what it comes down to, basically, is that I'm in love with words and everything that goes with it. I don't care whether I write fiction, poems, songs, screenplays, articles... as long as I write. When I was a baby, my parents would give me magazines and, unlike all other babies, I wouldn't tear them apart but gently turn the pages. And instead of admiring the pictures, I was fascinated by all those little cryptic black symbols... an early sign, I guess.

I first focused on writing novels. But I had too many ideas cluttering my mind and I would always start a new project before I had even finished the previous. I heard of short stories but wasn't interested, because - for some reason - I thought of them as an inferior form of writing, which was very stupid of me ! It wasn't before 1984 (I was then 14) that I finally realized their strength : short stories would allow me to quickly develop an idea and move on to another, not to mention that this was an excellent exercice to work my style. At approximately the same period, I started writing song lyrics, in English, and a few poems, in French.

In 1989, I discovered the French SF fandom, thanks to the National SF Convention of La Valette. There, I met a French writer named Jean-Luc Triolo, to whom I gave copies of some of my stories. Not too long after, I received a mail from him with a list of fanzines he thought I should submit my stories to. The first I contacted were Les Ami(e) de Stephen King (now defunct) and Chimères. Both would publish me, but I had to wait a year before it happened. In the meantime, I managed - at the end of 89 - to publish one of my stories in the first issue of RUSHES, a bulletin published by the film school where I was then a student. Considering its small circulation and very specific readers, we can almost dismiss this and say that my first real published story was in Chimères #11, released october 1990. I have ever since remained a loyal contributor to this fanzine, submitting both short stories and articles - as well as two interviews, one of them with famed American SF writer Norman Spinrad. The following month, another story was published in a special issue of Les Ami(e)s de Stephen King. In the following years, I published many short stories and articles in various French SF fanzines. I have also published a book about famous TV producer Aaron Spelling and was the editor in chief of Génération Scénario, a French magazine about screenplays and screenwriters, and Tempus Fugit, an SF fanzine. I am also a founding member, columnist and staff writer for the only monthly professional SF magazine in France, Slash.

I am currently trying to sell a short story on the American market. It's not the first I write in English, but it's definitely the first I feel confident enough about to even think of submitting it !

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